Wall Wash


Dramatic decorative effects can be achieved with a colour change, wall wash system. The system is easily maintained and power consumption is greatly reduced as only one lamp is being used in the system.

As there is no electricity or electrical components at the light output end, the system is very safe, even in areas of high humidity.

Low maintenance flexibility of design virtually no heat at light output modern technology.

The RD4 wall wash fittings are available in white, black, chrome and gold, to match the d?cor of most installations.

The wall wash kits come with FH100-Remote Halogen light source.

The installation should only be internal, with the light source having sufficient ventilation and ease of access for lamp replacement. The light source can be hard wired into a suitable lighting circuit but must not be connected via a dimmer switch. Apart from replacing the lamp, the installation is maintenance free.

With the lightsource positioned centrally and 0.5M from the central fitting the kit will cover 3.5m length of wall area.

This is a low maintenance, energy saving, easy to install system:

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Standard Specification

Product Harness Tail Length Lightsource Heat Filter Colour Wheel Fitting
100w Kit Size 8 3 X 1.50m
4 X 2.25m
FH100-Remote No Color Wheel 7 X RD4 Adjustable Spotlights


Cafes and restaurants.
Bars and night clubs.
Hotels and reception areas.
Shops and display areas.
Private residences