Light sources provide the illumination for optic fibre lighting systems. They consist of a metal enclosure with a lamp and attach to your fibre optics via a common end connection.

They can often be fitted with twinkle or colour wheels for optional lighting effects and are available from Flexion as halogen, metal halide or LED units.

Halogen and metal halide light sources are fitted with a fan, but all units should be used in areas with good ventilation.

Some units are suitable only for use with glass fibres, whereas others can be fitted to both glass and polymer.

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FLED-5W-12V-Remote LED Light Source

FLED-5-12V-Remote.Twin Port LED Light source

FH100W-Halogen Light Source

MH150W-Metal Halide Light Source

Waterproof 100W.Halogen Light box

Wheel options for Fibre Optic Light Sources