Fibre Fill Tubes and

Otoscope Sub

Fibre fill tubes are usually sub assembly parts which are stainless steel tubes loaded with glass fibre optics. The stainless steel tubes have bends and twists formed by the manufacturer.

The fibre optic glass is soaked through with adhesives, then cured and highly polished to seal the fibre optics. The stainless steel fibre fill is now suitable for autoclaving at high temperatures, so the sub assembly part can be used many times over in medical instruments such as laryngoscopes and endoscopes.

Flexion also build other medical sub assembly parts for major companies in the Medical industry, these are parts which fit into medical devices such as otoscopes and endoscope cameras.

Fibre fill tubes are used in various areas of industry, notably the medical sector, they offer a means to deliver light to places usually inaccessible by other illumination methods.

Flexion work closely with customers in development and manufacturing of bespoke customized sub assembly parts.

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