Flexion is able to provide light guides customised to your requirements and we will work with you from design to prototype, right through to the final product.

Light guides, used in various areas of industry, notably the medical sector, offer a means to deliver light to places usually inaccessible by other illumination methods. Often used for inspection purposes, they deliver controlled and directional light, precisely where you need it. Guides can be made up of single cables, but in situations where light needs to be split across more than one area, Flexion can provide bifurcated configurations.

To decide on the right light guide for your application, use the links below to help you choose the type of sheathing, configurations/dimensions and ferrule material which most suits your needs. If you require a bifurcated guide, you should also specify the junction type/material .

Our guides are made up of:

● Connector, for attachment to light source
● Fibre cable to guide the light
● End termination for light output

We can also provide fibre filled tubes and otoscope sub assemblies.

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