UV Polymer


UV Polymer Sparkle harnesses provide a stimulating and safe experience without heat or electricity being transmitted through the fibre itself. Fibre optics offer relaxing and calming benefits. Flexion’s fibre optic harness range includes different options to suit space available and customers budget. The vibrant multi coloured tails of this harness show their best when under a black fluorescent light.

Research has shown that children and adults with learning difficulties or communication problems can benefit from the therapeutic effects of multisensory rooms. They can stimulate thought and development, but also have a calming influence on distressed individuals or those with anxieties.

In fact, these environments can bring de-stressing advantages to pretty much anyone.
Our optical fibre sensory harnesses, such as the PolymerSparkle, are a mesmerising means to literally immerse oneself in and play with light and are an ideal addition to these rooms.
The harnesses are very robust and because they carry no heat or electricity, are perfect play items for big or small hands.

Individuals are free to lay on the tails, or wrap them around themselves. Please note that children using this product should be supervised at all times. The plastics used are perfectly safe, meet EU requirements and contain no harmful phthalates.

The PolymerSparkle harness is made up of a number of fibre tails which, when attached to a light source, will shimmer and sparkle along their whole length – truly an enlightening experience.
Twinkle and colour wheels can be added to light sources to provide further eye catching effects. Flexion’s range of light sources includes LED units which have their own twinkling and/or colour changing abilities.

The harness can be customised to your desired configuration of tails, up to a maximum of 300. We can also adapt the length of the tails, up to a maximum of three metres.

Standard harness configurations:

  • 100 tails x 1m
  • 100 tails x 2m
  • 150 tails x 2m


  • Multisensory environments


Optical fibres do not carry electricity or heat and are therefore safe to handle. Sheathing is phthalates free.

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