UV Tube


Flexion’s UV Tube is a coloured, flexible plastic tubing which has a UV reactive surface, meaning it glows intensely under ultra violet light. Our UV Rod has the same light sensitive characteristics, but is more solid. Both products are extremely pliable and can be used to create eye catching backdrop displays in nightclubs, add effects to sensory rooms, and to create stunning 3D pictures. You are only limited by your imagination when using these products.


  • 4mm & 8mm are available as a stock item.
  • 2mm.6mm.10mm available on request in volume.
  • Available in 8 colours: Yellow / Green / Orange / Red / Purple /Blue / Pink / White.


  • Use in sensory rooms
  • Decorative
  • Eye catching backdrops for nightclubs or other venues where UV light is used


Both UV Tube and Rod are completely safe to touch, meeting EU requirements on the use of phthalates. The product does not carry electricity or heat.

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